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Edge Prepaid Cards

Apply for your Edge Prepaid Card online, and have it delivered to you within 4-working days. 

Your Edge Card comes active and ready to use, and you shall receive your card PIN from KCB Bank via SMS to your registered Phone Number. 

Edge Card FAQ's

Everything you need to know to use the Edge App.

What is an Edge Card?

How do I apply for an Edge

How does a prepaid card work?

What are the Edge Card

Does the Edge Card have a
PIN Number?

How do I top up my Edge

My card was declined.
What should I do?

How do I check my card

What are the fees on Edge

Can I withdraw or deposit
at a KCB Mtaani Agent?

Is there a transaction or
reload limit?

How do I get my card

How do I dispute a
transaction made?

How safe is my money on an
Edge Card?

What do I do if my card is lost
or stolen?

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